Be me Magazine (balanced enlightenment made entertaining) intends to spread inspiration for a fun, balanced, and successful lifestyle to those interested in growth, personal to global.


Be me Magazine is an innovative and imaginative publication. It is a refreshing and down to earth approach for the aspiring adult who wants to be successful and keep their core being while doing so. People always say that there is a specific age harder than the rest. However, the time is now. No matter the age, each and every moment of our lives, we are presented with a choice to decide what we do and who we are, from minute to minute, from decade to decade. Be me covers all aspects of life for the emerging adult to the empty nester: entertainment, image, health, finances, world issues, environmental concerns, inner truth, and relationships. Geared towards men & women interested in personal and global growth, be me encourages a fun, balanced, and successful lifestyle.


Katie created the idea of be me during her junior year at Miami University of Oxford, Ohio in 2005.

She formulated ideas on design, editorial content, and mission, then requested articles and photos to be submitted, culminating in an initial draft in July 2005. Throughout her senior year in college, she further refined her editorial philosophy and attracted a small staff committed to those ideas, working to prepare a final, introductory issue. In March 2006, under the guidance of Sam Keller, CEO of Oxcyon, the magazine crossed the threshold of the Internet, thus introducing a possible dual-outlet approach, virtual and print. The mock-up (pdf) and website was released in May 2006.

Over the months, the mock-up has been redesigned and refined for our first issue of be me magazine online, capturing Katie’s desire to entertain, educate, and inform those who share a passion for enjoying life to the fullest.


Catherine Maichrye
Founder & Editorial Director


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