Hello All,

My name is Katie and I am Founder & Editorial Director of be me magazine (balanced enlightenment made entertaining).

I have lived in Indiana, Florida, South Carolina, and am currently settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Living in different regions of the United States has given me the opportunity to experience a variety of religions, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds. The diversity that I have encountered has taught me that we can learn from varying perspectives, and it has guided me to a clearer sense of self. In addition to my family moves, my four years at Miami University of Oxford, Ohio further developed this understanding. I realized that life is worth living. While being fun & flirty in life, I can also act on my environmental and societal concerns. I can acquire financial success, as well as spiritual. I realized that I donít have to choose between enjoying the pleasures of life and helping to better the world. With a head full of dreams, I welcome you to be me magazine.

Be me magazine
, a new kind of publication, targets a broad geographical and generational audience and focuses on those interested in growth, personal to global. For the emerging adult to the empty nester, be me magazine intends to present basic enlightenment on a variety of lifestyle topics in a manner that is fresh & fun. With be me, men & women are inspired to improve their quality of life.

Thanks to each and every one of you for helping make this dream a reality. I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I do and wish you the best in each of your endeavors.

Lots of Joy,

Catherine Maichrye
Founder & Editorial Director


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